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My drum is full of dreams; full of voices. These voices speak always of olden things. Yet, in the same breath they seem to speak of youth and more youth to come.

 The Taos Drum Pledge      
In this age of machine-made products, Taos Drums continue to possess the world subtitles of nature.

Since no two trees are exactly alike and no two hides identical, when you order a Taos Drums you will received a singular work of art, created by Native American craftspeople from one-of-a-kind natural materials.

While we strive to make your drums as close as possible to the way you envision it, size may vary an inch or two, rawhide color may be faintly paler or deeper, and painted designs may vary slightly from the way they appear in our catalog.

However, due to the fact that all of our drum are individually make by experts in  the art of drum making, we are able to work with you to find the perfect drum. We take great pride in our work and guarantee the craftsmanship and materials of every Taos Drums. That's the Taos Drums pledge
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